The buzz continues to build around Kyle Park's new album 'The Blue Roof Sessions' and a recognized publication has taken notice. IN Magazine recently reviewed Kyle's new album and here's what they had to say:

Park rented a large house (yes, a house with a blue roof) on Austin’s beautiful Lake Travis. In this untraditional and laid-back setting, complete with a huge pool and a killer view of the lake, he let the music evolve naturally. He surrounded himself with collaborators and musicians and had only one rule: The music had to come first.
They often composed a guitar-driven melody they were crazy about and then wrote and finished the vocals later, sometimes just as the final recording process was beginning.
“Country music is always about the lyrics, most of the time about the lyrics,” Park says in a making of the album video. “It’s lyrically driven and the music sometimes falls second. And I wanted to make an album different this time. I wanted to make it where the music is the first thing that you recognize, at least makes you feel good, you know.
“Sometimes a song doesn’t hit you until the chorus because of that message. … I wanted to make an album where you like the song before you hear the first word. It’s a rock music mentality but it’s just a musically driven mentality. That’s why I like it.”
Park wrote, or co-wrote, half of the songs in the weeks he was living in the house. He had recording equipment brought in instead of renting time in a studio.
“This meant, first of all, that there was no clock ticking the minutes away toward the end of time booked in a commercial facility,” he says in a prepared statement. “Sometimes we’d do two songs in a day. Sometimes we did three. Sometimes we didn’t even produce one. The point is, we just kept working until the song felt right.”