I'll bet that you have used a Red Solo Cup more than once. There is no telling how many of them have been sold! The man who invented that cup passed away on December 21st at age 84.

Robert Leo Hulseman created the popular red plastic cup while working at his father’s company which changed it's name to the Solo Cup Company. Hulseman began working for the Company when he was 18.

He worked his way up and eventually became president and CEO. Over his 60 year career, Hulseman developed Solo Cup Company into one of the largest food service packaging companies in the world.

Little did Hulseman know at the time, but he invented what would become a staple around many homes and thousands of parties around the world!

So, to honor Hulseman’s contribution to households and parties everywhere, fill it with your favorite beverage and raise a red solo cup to his memory.

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