I've been talking about it since last year and it's finally here.  The acoustic song swap with Adam Hood, Brian Keane and Jason Easy at Blaine's Pub Saturday night.

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I've talked about it, blogged about it and I'm excited that it's finally here.  Saturday not only kicks off my week vacation but also it's going to be another acoustic song swap for the record books.  Adam Hood and Brian Keane have been here numerous times before but Jason Eady doesn't make it this far west as often.  I've been a fan of Adam and Jason since I lived in Fort Worth and discovered Brian when I moved to San Angelo.  All three are very accomplished singer/songwriters in the Texas/Red Dirt Scene but none of them are from Texas or Oklahoma.  They've all performed and written with other powerhouses in the Texas/Red Dirt scene and continue to pump out hit after hit.  Saturday night it's going to really be a party at Blaine's Pub.  I'm actually a little nervous Blaine's won't be standing the next day.  Come on out and enjoy some of the purest music around and I'll see you there.

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Adam Hood - Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty

Brian Keane - Living Is Killing Me

Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven