We are throwing it way back to 1998 for this edition of Throwback Thursday. Roger Creager's Everclear has become a Texas anthem over the years.There are a few songs in the Texas & Red Dirt scene that have risen to such fame, being known and played in every dance hall across the state at some point in time.

There is a whole generation that knows the ins and outs of Everclear, and probably more than a few scars as a direct result of this song. You've got to admit, Creager's song vividly depicts exactly what you would think would come from indulging in too much of the 'invisible intoxicant'.

Some lyrics include: 'Well they never knew what hit 'em / when the potion went to work / They had Grandma's doin' backflips / Grandpa's lookin' up their skirts / They were singing Hallelujah and Willie Nelson songs / Preacher said it was the best dang picnic / That the baptists had ever thrown.'

As fun as this song is, and as silly as some might think, this is definitely one of Creager's most widely known, and popular songs, even 17 years later. Yes, let that sink in: 17 years.