For the record, I am not a big fan of Halloween. However with eight kids I could not ignore it. Also, being in radio we're always out doing promotions at popular spots on Halloween night. So when I finally get home, I am surprised by all the gremlins, goblins, witches, and little demons devouring candy they have just collected around our neighborhood.

"All Hallows Eve" as it's been known and celebrated since the beginning of the 8th century started out as a Christian holiday. Furthermore, November 1st has always been known as "All Saints Day" in many Latin and European countries. Fast forward to modern day times, and Halloween is now a day celebrating the darker side of life.

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It's quite interesting how the retail business world took Halloween and converted October 31st into one of their more profitable business weeks in America. Who would have thought that selling the darker side of life - witches, vampires, goblins, ghosts, demons, and the like - would have been so commercially successful?

Actually, it was more about the colorful, festive costumes back in the days of my childhood. Now in the 21st century everyone is getting prepared to celebrate Halloween by decorating their homes, their yards, and their businesses, along with themselves.

As we prepare for Halloween 2023, here are some snapshots of homes from around the Big Country that have been seasonally decorated. If you need some ideas, feast your ideas. I hope these help jumpstart some creative ideas. Happy Halloween.

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