A friend informed me of a tragic accident on the evening of June 29, 2024, has led to the death of a local man and the arrest of the driver involved. The incident occurred just after 6 PM when officers from the San Angelo Police Department (SAPD) responded to a call about an unconscious person on a golf cart on Enclave Court.

When the officers arrived they found a golf cart operated by Emilee Krieger, 28, and her passenger Dustin Patino, 41, appeared to have been in a severe accident. Patino had some serious injuries. Officers discovered that Krieger was operating the golf cart and was under the influence of alcohol.

DWI Golf Cart Crash in San Angelo: One Dead, Driver Arrested, intoxication-assault-arrest-san-angelo

When the San Angelo Fire Department arrived, they quickly transported Patino to Shannon Medical Center. Despite all efforts, Patino died on July 2nd because of the injuries he had sustained in the golf cart crash. Krieger consented to a breathalyzer test, which proved her blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit. Consequently, she was arrested and charged with Intoxication Assault.

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In a statement, the SAPD emphasized the severe dangers associated with OPERATING ANY VEHICLE under the influence of alcohol or drugs. "This tragic incident underscores the critical importance of making responsible decisions and the potentially devastating consequences of impaired driving," said Detective Sarah Martinez, who is leading the investigation.

In light of this incident, the Fourth of July weekend from July 3rd until July 8th, the SAPD is implementing a "no-refusal period" on DWI breathalyzers. This aims to increase enforcement regarding Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) offenses, ensuring safer roads for all Concho Valley citizens. During this period, officers will obtain warrants for blood tests from any driver who refuses a breathalyzer test.

As the investigation continues, the SAPD advises us to stay alert and exercise caution. They remind all citizens of the severe legal and personal consequences of impaired driving and make responsible choices. For ongoing updates on the investigation, stay tuned to this station and keep checking our station's app for more details.
Source: San Angelo Police Department - Press Release

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