Okay, I'll come clean, I am a sucker for a giraffe. Giraffes became my favorite animal when I learned some time ago that they are very social and love to mingle. Kind of like me at my backyard barbecues with family and friends. Giraffes love to have everyone come visit and enjoy a great meal (aka feeding them).

The best place in west Texas to observe these fantastic creatures is the Abilene Zoo,  my favorite go-to spot when I need to de-stress and relax. Every one of my kids and grandkids has made the journey to the zoo, discovering which animals are our favorites and learning more about all the creatures on display.

We are fortunate to have a zoo of this caliber in a city the size of Abilene. I have also walked paths at the Fort Worth Zoo, the Dallas Zoo, the San Francisco Zoo, and I still believe the Abilene Zoo is amazing. Every time I visit the zoo by Nelson Park, I have to feed the giraffes; it's like they speak to my heart.

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When watching the giraffes at the Abilene Zoo, it's almost the same vibe as a backyard barbecue when the dogs are all waiting for you to drop something from the grill. If you ask me, the Abilene Zoo is one of the best places in town to go when you need to recharge, relax, and have fun. With June being National Zoo Month - and World Giraffe Day on June 21 - it's time to start making some plans. I'll see you at the Abilene Zoo.

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