The mandatory laws on minimum prison sentences for gun violations that most legislators created for the U.S. Criminal Justice system back in the 70s, ’80s, and ’90s, that were “tough on crime” were not. In the decades that have followed, the research has proven that those laws they passed, by and large, do not and did not reduce violent crime.

In fact, the research shows that since those laws were passed, a major increase in crimes committed by criminals, especially those who were released from jail and/or prison. According to Michael Rempel, head of the Data Collaborative for Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The crime rate has climbed when stricter laws are introduced and implemented.

This newly proposed Texas bill requiring 10-year prison sentences for felonies involving guns is facing major opposition from criminal justice and firearm advocates. Under Senate Bill 23, all felonies that involve a gun will face a mandatory 10-year prison sentence with no exceptions. The creators of Senate Bill 23 say "the idea here is to curb crime," as seen in the video above.

Senate Bill 23, which was filed this past Thursday by Sen. Joan Huffman, will bar judges from sentencing those convicted of using and/or brandishing a firearm during felonies to community service or probation and/or parole, instead a minimum of a decade in prison.

While Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was all about mandatory sentencing for gun crimes in his campaign ads and in response to some increases in violent crime throughout Texas. Criminal justice reform advocates say mandatory minimum prison sentences increase inmate populations while doing nothing to reduce violent crime in the Lone Star State.

Another facet of the bill is that for any teens under the age of 18 that have had any psychological or mental illness issues, those medical issues will now have to be reported so if in the future they decide to purchase a firearm their past history will keep them from owning firearms.

The Dallas Fort Worth TV station Fox-4 interviewed State Senator Huffman about the bill she introduced as seen in the video below.


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