With the rise in cost-of-living across both Texas and the nation, it may be time to evaluate the prospects of moving to a town with more tolerable living costs. Whether you're looking to relocate to the Lone Star from anywhere else on the planet, or you're a longtime Texan that's being priced out of the big cities, these mid-sized markets have some of the lowest cost-of-living in Texas.

Aside from more affordable housing, mid-sized markets have many of the same amenities as metropolises. These cities may not play host to professional sporting events, but they are often homes to universities, thus provide opportunities to attend collegiate games. They may not have a Trader Joe's, but they will almost always have a Target. They may not have a Cheesecake Factory, but there will be a Chick-Fil-A in the vicinity.

According to a recent article from Redfin, the most affordable cities for Texans to reside in 2024 are mostly throughout the central or southeast part of the state. It's worth noting too that, because of the smaller size of these towns, work commutes will be shorter and traffic less horrendous.

10. Midland. Population is 132,500. Median home price is $264,950.

9. Bryan. Population is 84,000. Median home price is $262,400.

8. Killeen. Population is 153,100. Median home price is $250,000.

7. Pasadena. Population is 151,900. Median home price is $245,000.

6. Baytown. Population is 83,700. Median home price is $241,000.

5. Victoria. Population is 65,500. Median home price is $228,000.

4. Lubbock. Population is 257,100. Median home price is $225,000.

3. Abilene. Population is 125,200. Median home price is $223,000.

2. Wichita Falls. Population is 102,300. Median home price is $176,450.

1. San Angelo. Population is 99,000. Median home price is $65,000.

For more info on any of these mid-sized Texas towns, tap on their names to be directed to the corresponding city government sites. If the cost-of-living and the cuckoo traffic of the big cities are squeezing you, one of these mid-sized communities and their low costs-of-living might give you some room to breathe.

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These Are The Top 30 Counties In Texas For Lowest Cost Of Living

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