At approximately 5 pm, a destructive tornado swept through Perryton, Texas, a small town in the panhandle, resulting in a minimum of three fatalities and causing injuries to an estimated 75 to 100 individuals.

H & R Block of Wichita Falls, Texas, is putting together a relief truck. People can bring their items to drop off for donation for the town of Perryton to the Southwest Parkway H & R Block location. The offices in Vernon and Bowie will be collection locations as well for H & R Block donation truck to Perryton.  



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They have a semi-truck willing to drive (Clyde Sullivan Trucking), however, they are in need of a trailer to put the items in and tow. If anyone has any ideas on where they could “borrow” one from, let us know.

Here's What They Need.

Here's a screencap of needs:

TownSquare MEdia
TownSquare MEdia

All-size clothing (kids, adults, baby)
Sleeping Bags
Non-perishable food
Water, Gatorade
Anything else you can think of

They are trying to have all items by Tuesday for delivery. When more info is available we will post it here as well as well.


If this is the first you're hearing of this disaster, you can read more about it here.


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