Let's talk about the man made waterfall that folks love to stop and take a picture by while on a road trip through our town.

Scroll Through to Read All The Fun Facts About the Wichita Falls Waterfall

So today I stumbled onto an old article in The Oklahoman from the 1980's talking about Wichita Falls building the waterfall. I actually learned a lot from this so let's take a look at some key things on the waterfalls construction.

It Originally Did Not Hit the Money Goal

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The plan was for the Wichita Falls Streams and Valleys civic club to raise $220,000 over six weeks to construct the new waterfall. After the six week campaign...only $100,000 was raised. They decided to extend their efforts and eventually got enough to get construction going. I guess folks weren't really that eager to donate over that six weeks to put the falls...back in Wichita Falls. According to a New York Times article the actual amount it ended up costing was $400,000.

Man Who Helped Design San Antonio Riverwalk, Designed Our Waterfall

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When it comes to popular water sights in Texas. San Antonio's Riverwalk is widely considered the most popular. An engineer by the name of Alvin Groves helped design one of the expansions for the popular riverwalk. His plans helped connect the riverwalk to a nearby convention center. That way folks could walk all the way to both while enjoying the sights of the river. Mr. Groves also did the plans for our waterfall in Wichita Falls.

Wichita Falls Citizens Were Concerned It Would Like the Beer Waterfall

In case you have never been to Dallas, back in 1962, the Pearl Brewing Company installed a billboard that at the time was the largest beer billboard in America. Everyone knew it for its giant waterfall. Well folks in Wichita Falls thought they were just building a new one of those here. After plans were unveiled for our waterfall, those concerns went away. Hey I wouldn't mind making some money off our waterfall. Anyone want to buy some ad space?

The Niagara Falls Mayor Was There for the Unveiling

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When it comes to popular waterfalls in America. Niagara Falls comes to a lot of folks mind. Fun fact, Niagara Falls is technically three waterfalls combined. If you're in New York looking at the waterfalls, technically the closest ones to you are American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Folks in Canada view the closest waterfall as Horseshoe Falls. Anyway, the Mayor of Niagara Falls came down to Wichita Falls to help christen the new waterfall. I imagine they were definitely disappointed in the size comparison. Mr. Mayor you want to talk about small, we have to show you our World's Littlest Skyscraper.

Fallsfest Started to Help Get the Waterfall

For years, Fallfest would happen in town. A festival with food, music, and rides. The first event back in the 1980's was to help build that waterfall. Even after the waterfall was built, Fallfest continued on raising funds for the Junior League of Wichita Falls, the City's Parks & Recreation Department and Streams & Valleys. The last Fallsfest was sadly in 2015, but I think it lasted longer than anyone thought it would. I bet people attending during the 2000's had no idea it had any association with the waterfall.

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That's five fun facts you might not have know about the Falls in Wichita Falls. All info was taken from this New York Times article and this Oklahoman article if you want to read more.

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