It's officially Summer which means that it is hot, especially in Texas, but it also means one more thing. Summerween is officially in full swing. We did previously inform everyone of Springoween which is fun but the second best unofficial holiday is Summerween.

What Even Is That?

Summerween, for those that don't know is the holiday that was made popular by the Disney show Gravity Falls where they go trick-or-treating during the Summer. Some fans of the show and fans of Halloween have actually decided to celebrate the made up holiday and it has gone over surprisingly well.

How do I Celebrate?

If this is your first Summerween then you know pumpkins are not in season but there is an abundance of watermelons and many people make jack-o-melons, watermelon jack-o-lanterns. Also, during Summerween people will mashup their spooky Halloween decorations with the Summer decorations to have that lazy spooky feel. Do not forget all the fun Summerween food and drinks that could be made to kick off the Summer spooky season. Unfortunately since it's such a niche holiday trick-or-treating is not really a thing when it comes to this special spooky time.

When and Why?

When exactly is Summerween? Well it's anytime you want it to be during the Summer, or all Summer long, as long as you have fun and encapsulate this fun time. Obviously it's also a great excuse to have a Summerween party which is a big why along with 'why not?'. It's just fun, spooky, hot, and everything under the sun. There is also one store in Lubbock currently selling Halloween decor if you need some ideas.

Do you or would you celebrate Summerween? Let us know in the comments and tell us how you would celebrate Summerween.

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