After Jimmie Allen's former day-to-day employee dropped her sexual assault and rape lawsuit against him last week, the accuser — identified as Jane Doe — has issued a statement about her decision.

Speaking to People on Monday (March 18), Doe's attorney, Elizabeth Fegan, says she opted for the settlement agreement in order to "avoid the trauma of reliving her abuse over the course of a painful trial."

Fegan goes on to say that Allen's camp offered financial settlement, and underscored that when her client accepted, her motivation — "to hold Allen accountable" — was unchanged.

"The lawsuit against Allen was never about financial gain for my client, but instead holding Allen accountable," Fegan clarifies. "Unfortunately, civil litigation has few ways to punish wrongdoers; we could not ask the court to jail him, for example, or force him to change his behavior. One of the few remedies we do have in social litigation is to ask the court to punish through monetary damages, which we did."

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Fegan also stated that since reaching the settlement, Allen has "reportedly violated" the confidentiality terms of his agreement with her client, by "implying Jane Doe recanted her allegations and walked away from the litigation."

She denounces those insinuations as "absolutely false," stressing that Jane Doe continues to stand by her initial accusations: That Allen repeatedly raped, sexually assaulted and harassed her during an 18-month period between 2020 and 2022, when she was working with the singer directly as a member of his day-to-day team.

Allen also issued a statement to People on Monday, saying that he plans to issue a statement about the allegations against him "within the next week."

In the meantime, he says that he and his loved ones have already suffered immense damage and stress due to the accusations.

"Because of these false allegations, the past eight months have been the hardest of my life, but it has shown me how much love I have from my friends and family," he relates.

Specifically, he says that the litigation against him has negatively impacted the lives of his children. Allen is a father of four kids — nine-year-old Aadyn, four-year-old Naomi, two-and-a-half-year-old Zara and six-month-old Cohen — the younger three of which he shares with his wife, Alexis Gale.

"[Jane Doe]'s non-[factual] story has affected the lives of my children and I'm not down with that," the singer states. "I can take all the jabs, but when they start affecting my children we have serious issues."

Though Jane Doe has dropped her civil lawsuit against Allen, she is continuing to press legal claims against Allen's former management company, Wide Open Music, and the company head, Ash Bowers.

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