Kylie Morgan's fun-loving personality comes through during her new single, "If He Wanted to He Would," but the lyrics offer a seed of wisdom.

The modern country lyrics come with some post-modern perspective. Morgan is a woman who's seen all the traps a woman falls into hoping a man loves her — maybe she's even fallen into one or two herself. "If He Wanted to He Would" is the no-nonsense truth about what it means when a man "likes" your photo (not much), texts you at 2AM (he's got eyes on tonight only) and says "Happy birthday" (he's just being polite).

A soft acoustic arrangement carries Morgan's bluesy vocals, but the single is an easy, pop-friendly fit on country radio today. Take a listen, scroll the lyrics and then rate the music below.

Listen to Kylie Morgan, "If He Wanted To He Would":

Kylie Morgan, "If He Wanted To He Would" Lyrics:

Just 'cause he liked your old picture / Don't mean he's stuck on the past / Just 'cause he talks to your brother / Don't mean he's still attached / Just 'cause he's drunk at 2AM / Texts, 'Hey, what's up, girl, how you been?' / Don't read too much into that / Don't mean he wants you back.

If he loved you, he would tell you / If he missed you, he would call / If he wants you to meet his momma / Then he would bring you home / Oh, there ain't no excuse / He ain't Mr. Misunderstood / Quit lying to yourself / If he wanted to, he would / If he wanted to, he would.

Just 'cause he said Happy Birthday / Don't waste a wish on him / Don't psychoanalyze him / Make it more than what it is / He won't suddenly be the somebody / You wish he always was / If he didn't, then he doesn't / If he wouldn't, then he wasn’t.

Repeat Chorus

He might've set the bar low / But keep your standards high / Ain't telling you nothing you don't know / And you know he ain't worth your time.

Repeat Chorus

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