A puppy in Texas is getting a second chance at life after being rescued from a sewer main earlier this week.

How Was The Puppy Rescued From The Sewer?

According to KENS, the dog was found roaming around nearly 200 feet deep into a sewer line in San Antonio.

Workers from San Antonio Water Systems were called to the scene in hopes of the retrieving the puppy. The department shared on social media that workers used a small camera that snaked through the pipes to get a better look at the dog.

KENS reported the camera was also used to push the dog to safety. Shea was later removed through a manhole after being directed there by the camera.

How Long Did It Take To Rescue The Puppy?

According to KSAT, workers spent nearly 8 hours trying to safely get the dog out of the sewer main. The station reported the dog, which is named Pipa, fell into the sewer while playing in the front yard of a home.

"SAWS officials said the rescue mission was lenghty because Pipa had to be gently nudged with camera equipment 10 feet at a time for 200 feet," KSAT reported.

The video shared by KENS shows the dog making his harrowing escape from the sewer main.

Animal Control Services later took the dog to be checked by a local veterinarian.

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