EDITOR'S NOTE: Some of videos and images in the story may be unsettling to some reader.

There are many pets in the area of Temple, Texas.

We've all seen a dog in the Lone Star State that we simply want to give endless pets and treats to. But there's also cats, birds, even fish, that people own and take care of. Watching over a pet is a huge responsibility, and requires a lot of time and effort.

Shelters across Texas exist to make sure any stray animals are found, cleaned, and fed until they find their forever home. When a person finds that special animal, it's a hard moment to describe. Sadly, some animals come to shelter after they've been harmed.

A dog named Serafina in Temple needs our help in her recovery. Here are the details.

Helping Serafina At Pearl's Place, A Shelter In Temple, Texas

Pearl's Place released a video showing the injuries that Serafina is recovering from. According to the organization, Serafina was found after a house fire burned badly and requiring medical attention. CUDDLY, an organization helping various animal non-profits take care of animals, put out a notice about Serafina's story.

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Pearl's Place also posted on social media about Serafina and her story:

If you wish to help Pearl's Place in helping nurse Serafina back to health, you can donate by clicking here. Let's help this dog return to perfect health Texas!

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