Apparently, the hotel manager thought this was concierge services to enter a Texas man's room to suck his toes, but the man did not see it that way and the hotel manager was taken to court along with the hotel.

The hotel manager, David Neal was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and assault after he entered Peter Brennan's hotel room in the middle of the night and began sucking on his toes.

Neal was the night manager of the Nashville Hilton Downtown Hotel, and Brennan was in town for a conference.

Nashville P.D. reports that Neal made a key card to enter Brennan's room illegally around 5 am on March 30, 2023.

When Brennan woke up he found Neal sucking on his toes, he recognized him immediately since Neal had come into his room the day before with another employee because he was having trouble with his TV.

Brennan yelled at Neal which caused him to leave the room and fled the scene. Brennan then reported the incident to Hilton Security who did not take his complaint seriously.

Upset by the incident, Peter Brennan returned home before the work conference was over and Hilton nor its employees checked in on Brennan and did not offer an apology for David Neal's actions.

Peter Brennan has filed lawsuits against both David Neal and Hilton Resorts Corporation.

Hilton Resorts Corp. told Brennan's lawyers that Neal was fired after he refused to give a statement about the alleged assault.

David Neal was officially charged on May 5, 2023, and remains in jail on a $27,000 bond.

Peter Brennan is a resident of Round Rock, Texas.


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