Have you ever noticed the nice house off to the right, just as you are about to be in Lubbock? It's at the exit you would take if you were going to go to Lubbock Cooper. For many years the house looked as if it were kept up with. When you look at it today it just looks like an overgrown abandoned house.

At one time it was a beautiful home, but after some digging, I learned it has some gory details. According to Plainsmen Press, it has quite a history in its less than 20-year life.

According to the Plainsmen Press, the house it's first murder right after being built. Supposedly an unarmed man was shot dead in the driveway. A few years later someone kicked in the front door and came across a young girl that had been stabbed to death and her body was found on the catwalk. Rumor also has it th

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Idol Images

at everyone who has lived in the house has gone insane. One of the most frightening stories about the house is when a veterinarian owned the home, he would perform experiments on animals that were dead and alive. You can still find the kennels and experiment room in the house. When the latest owners bought the house they brought in the Lubbock Ghost Investigation Society and from the get-go the house began to speak to them and it is reported that a ghostly figure was encountered by the investigators.

Marc Coley and Denver Blanscett bought Woodrow Manor and turned it into a haunted house during the Halloween season but were unable to open this year due to severe vandalism.

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