One of my favorite memes ever, have you seen it? The one that says, 'I won't let anyone know when I win the lottery...but there will be signs.' These words are over a photo of a bologna sandwich with extra bologna! That will be me. Brand-name food for everyone in the house! No more generic. You will know when I win the lotto by how (not-so) bougie I will become.


  • instead of driving around wasting gas, I will pull into any gas station I want and fill 'er up!
  • by the same token, I won't be twenty dollaring it anymore on pump 3. I'm big time now. I will fill up every single time!
  • you will no longer see me eating fast food-I'm so fancy, I shall dine in at an actual restaurant. Jealous? lol
  • I will no longer smuggle my own snacks into the movies, I will no longer smuggle my own snacks into the movies...
  • I shall have my own Netflix password, no need to be on the 'family plan' anymore baby! Yeehaw!
  • my kid will no longer be the 'yard boy' I will be hiring a professional to do the job!
  • 3-ply toilet paper for everyone!
  • our family will never share a dessert at dinner again!
  • driving will be a thing of the past let's fly to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, we big timers now!
  • who do I have to pay to get top billing? Rebecca and Leo in the Morning sounds better don't ya think?

I mean, this is how we do in Texas, am I right?

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