I absolutely love Facebook groups that were created by West Texans for West Texans and 'newbies' too. I recommend the Facebook group Midland AF if you are new to the area. The administrator does an excellent job of keeping everyone informed of the happenings in the Permian Basin and for those new to the area, see to it that questions about West Texas are answered by fellow West Texans. 

I myself check it regularly to make sure I don't miss out on anything. Today I came across a post about someone moving here from CT in the summer, inquiring about the community, what to expect and if there are any pros and cons? Many of the responses this person received were very helpful.

Jonathan says,

it is dry, barely rains. It’s flat and there’s not any trees. It’s windy and dusty. There’s different food options, don’t expect any good pizza. The Mexican food is top notch.



I love the way Carly puts it as far as how to deal with the dirt and dust,

don’t buy outdoor furniture with white cushions! I wipe down my outdoor dining table every single day when we are using it regularly. It’s covered in dust an live oak sap.

When asked about how West Texans drive, Wyld says,

Learn to drive like nascar. I wish I was kidding.


As far as comments I can most relate to, Ashley nailed it. I do this every single time.

Be prepared for people to tell you how far away something is in hours not miles. Ex: How far is Dallas? Just under 5 hrs

Don't ask for miles. I will give you hours as well!

If you do not already belong to this Facebook group and you are a transplant here in the Permian Basin, it is helpful and informative.

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