Texting and driving. Don't just don't do it. It is never a good idea for obvious reasons. So now that we've got that out of the way, what are the alternatives? Do you have one of those apps that informs friends and family, if they message you that you are driving and cannot text at that time? I've received those automatic messages before. Genius app by the way. 

Do you ignore any and all texts and just respond when you arrive at your destination? I have a friend who will power her phone off so she is never tempted to mess with her phone while driving. Respect.

Lisa F. Young

Or are you like me, ignore texts, until you come to a complete stop, say at a red light, then respond? Ummm you should probably stop doing that If you are. Why?

Because it is actually illegal. Trust, I didn't know either! According to txdot.gov, 

Sending text messages on a phone while sitting at a red light is against the law in Texas. When stopped at a light, a driver is still operating a vehicle, according to Texas law. Violating the no texting while driving law carries a $200 fine.

Yikes! I've done it countless times not thinking anything of it! But you can bet I'll stop. Maybe it's time for me to download the, 'I can't text right now I'm driving app.' Whether local law enforcement chooses to strictly enforce this law or not it is probably best that we not take chances.

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