There are plenty of reasons to love Southwest Airlines. But free baggage, funny flight attendants and low prices are nothing compared to the cool factor of the airline inviting Jack Ingram to perform an in-flight concert in honor of a military couple who was on board recently. On a flight from Austin to Dallas, the Texas native singer honored the family by playing ‘Wherever You Are’ in honor of 22-year-old Purple Heart recipient Jeremy Smith.

“It’s definitely not a normal gig for me … I’ve been asked to play on a plane before, I just never have,” Ingram said while practicing for his in-flight gig. “It’s really interesting from my perspective and point of view because I’ve flown so many miles when I’ve been dying to get out my guitar and write a song or just get some things out. So to finally be able to get up and do it is going to be a lot of fun.”

This particular in-flight show — as well as one with fellow singer Granger Smith — was in conjunction with Boot Campaign, an organization that gives Americans an avenue to show their appreciation for our men and women in uniform by donning a pair of tan combat boots. In addition to thanking our soldiers, the Boot Campaign uses the money raised from selling boots to help organizations that aid military families.

“The Boot Campaign is all about taking care of veterans when they get home. Time and again, it seems like we see veterans when they don’t get the help that they need,” the country singer said before launching into an acoustic performance of his 2005 Top 40 single, ‘Wherever You Are.’

As if a personal serenade from Ingram wasn’t enough, when Jeremy Smith and his soon-to-be wife stepped off the Southwest plane, they were greeted with the gift of a mortgage-free home. Their new house was provided through a military organization that the Boot Campaign supports through boot sales.

“I wasn’t expecting that and I really appreciate it,” Smith said with a smile on his face. “So, thank y’all for what y’all have done for me.”

If it was tough for Ingram to play at 35,000 feet above the ground, his performance doesn’t show it.

Watch Jack Ingram Play ‘Wherever You Are’ on a Southwest Flight

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