It's been since 2009 that Jack Ingram released Big Dreams & High Hopes, his most recent album. Seven years later and the talented Texan has finally got a new music for us.

Old Motel will be out August 26, 2016; but for those who preorder some great merch packages will be available, including shirts, autographed records, and more. Today Texas Monthly debuted the emotionally charged music video for the albums lead single "I'm Drinking Through it".

“After being on the planet for a long time, and on the road for half of that, I’ve learned a few things that are fact: we’re all pretty good people, and sometimes bad things happen to good people,” Ingram says. “When they do, and they will, most of the time the best thing we can do is to keep on keeping on. But when that isn’t working, you may want to do what I do—and I’m drinking through it.”

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