Blake and Jimmy always have a great time when they’re together. The duo did a Tonight Show segment where Blake and Jimmy milk a cow. This was Shelton’s payback after Fallon made him eat sushi earlier this year.

Fallon meets Blake at a farm looking like Howdy Doody, which Shelton tells him is totally offensive. These two are fun loving friends in real life and love to give each other a hard time.

In this segment, Oreo the cow gets to be Fallon’s first attempt ever at milking. Shelton even goes so far as to tell Fallon it’s a tradition to take a shot of the milk and Fallon falls for it.

Shelton, as you probably know,  is a coach on NBC’s The Voice for the 11th season, where he uses his wit, humor and sarcasm to constantly tease fellow coach, Adam Levine.

Take a moment to check out the above cow milking video with these guys. It's pretty funny!


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