Justin Moore's third daughter was born this summer, and apparently, she is a noisy one! Whether awake or asleep, Rebecca Klein is a Chatty Cathy, which is affecting the singer's ability to catch some shut-eye. However, he doesn't seem to mind.

Moore caught up with Taste of Country's Billy Dukes before the 2014 CMA Awards and they compared notes on their latest additions. The 'This Kind of Town' singer admits he isn't sleeping much these days thanks to his newest bundle of joy.

“She’s pretty noisy,” he says of baby No. 3. “Not only crying, but like in the grocery store, if she’s awake, she’s [mimics baby talk]. I don’t know what she’s talking about or singing about or what."

Moore is a father of three girls, including Kennedy Faye, nearly 3, and 4-year-old Ella Kole. And while the star can't understand Rebecca, he says Kennedy may just be able to translate.

"She might," he says of his middle daughter understanding of the baby. "I never have [had her translate], but maybe I need to do that."

Naturally, with three under five, children's television overruns adult programming in the Moore household, which sometimes makes the singer insane.

"Caillou ... I'd like to kick him right in the throat," Moore admits.

In addition to his pride and joy -- his babies -- Moore also opened up about his duet with Miranda Lambert. Watch the interview in its entirety above.

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