Kaitlin Butts is a force. We named her debut album, Same Hell Different Devil, to our best albums of 2015 list, and her single "Don't Push It" landed inside our "Top 21 Most Favorite Texas and Red Dirt Singles of '16." While we haven't heard a lot from her recently, she did release "White River" as a single in 2019, and in 2020 she wed Flatland Cavalry frontman Cleto Cordero.

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But as far as new music goes, nada; that is until Valentine's Day 2021. This month Butts dropped a dope new love song on us, and more, she took to Twitter to share the great story of how it came to be. You guys remember Flatland Cavalry's hit "Honeywine"? Well, turns out these two songs will be forever intertwined.

How Lucky Am I is the result of a challenge made during a night of drinking a bottle of Honeywine with a friend, who is now my husband @corderocleto. The first writer of a song containing the word Honeywine would win a dinner bought by the other.

I lost the challenge when Cleto quickly wrote his song, and ended it with a promise to “take the turquoise off my hand and trade it out for a diamond ring.” I made good on the challenge and bought him dinner and he made good on that promise of a diamond ring.

I feel so lucky to have finally gotten to release my Honeywine song. It makes me so happy to see y’all singing at home in the middle of this “Arctic Blast” as my Grandma Jean has been calling it.

Here's to more songwriting challenges that produce great music from the newlyweds. Be listening for Kaitlin's latest release Saturday nights on Radio Texas, LIVE! and 24/7 through our app.

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