This Wednesday night is not only Working Women's Wednesday but it's also Katelyn Robertson's birthday.  She'll be jammin' on the Blaine's stage as well celebrating.

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Every Wednesday evening Blaine's has the best party around, Working Women's Wednesday.  Along with the $1 margaritas, $2 longnecks, free food from Nacho's , cash prizes and free CDs there is also live entertainment.  This Wednesday night it's Katelyn Robertson with her unique that infuses country, americana and folk into one awesome package.  I first met Katelyn a little over a year ago and was blown away by her music.  You've probably heard her song Church Bells on Kickin' Country but she has so much more in her arsenal.  Church Bells was recorded up in Tulsa with her old band The Furrows but now she's in Texas, loving the Texas Music scene and we're happy to have her.  Katelyn is about to go back in studio to record the new tunes but you can be the first to hear them Wednesday night at Blaine's Pub.  Along with Katelyn we also have Rachel Lambert rockin' out and she brings another unique style to the table as well.  Fun fact, Rachel and I went to high school together so I've known her for many moons.  Rachel is very vocally gifted and can play the fire out of the guitar.  Katelyn and Rachel have been writing together so we can expect some awesome collaborations.  Rachel's voice gives me sort of a classic country feel paired with modern, more eclectic guitar riffs that's truly captivating.  Recently Rachel told me she's working on an album as well, there will be a plethora of new and amazing music Wednesday night at Blaine's!  It's going to be a double threat of awesome writing, powerful vocals and a guitar or two catching fire.  Come celebrate and enjoy the show with great drink specials.  See you there!

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Katelyn Robertson - Church Bells

Rachel Lambert - Not Who I Thought I Was