Dierks Bentley became an honorary Texan this past Sunday, August 21st, while playing the Woodlands when Kevin Fowler joined him on stage!......

The fans were plenty loud throughout the night, but they took it to a whole new level the moment Kevin Fowler was invited up on stage to sing a couple of songs with Dierks!

Dierks extended the invitation by saying.....“When you’re playing in Texas, never follow Kevin Fowler....Bad idea. Just don’t do it! Seriously, walk away. Step away. I did it here one time. I had to follow him here one time. It went from 50,000 to 5,000. What I learned, is if you can’t beat ’em ask them to join you. Kevin Fowler, will you join me?”

The crowd went crazy when Fowler gave some Texas style gifts to Dierks including a ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ Sticker and an empty Whataburger bag.

What a teaming that had to be, if only for a song or two. A couple of the biggest stars on the scene today, one from Nashville and the other from Texas.