'Love Song' is Kevin Fowler's newest single. The fun track from 'How Country Are Ya?' was actually written a few years ago -- in fact, the singer had forgotten about it. In this video exclusive, fans can hear Fowler's explanation for the title before listening to the song in its entirety. 

“We call it 'Love Song 'because ‘Beer-drinkin’, Hell-raisin, Heart-shakin’ Butt-shankin’ Love Song’ is kind of too long to put on a CD,” Fowler says in the video above.

It's not even really a love song, the singer admits. "It's a funny little ditty about a boy and girl," he says with a smile.

The track is one of fifteen Taste of Country will be debuting in the days leading up to the 'How Country Are Ya?' release on March 4. Check back regularly to hear the full album and learn the stories behind the songs.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'Love Song'

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