A Sunscreen that smells like fried chicken? Got to be a joke right? It's no joke and it's here thanks to Kentucky Fried Chicken!.......

KFC “Extra Crispy” Sunscreen will not only protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but it will probably make you hungry.

People are excited about trying it! KFC officials said that 3,000 bottles were snatched up in under two hours on Monday.

KFC’s Facebook page has blown up with comments from people who were unable to get their hands on a bottle. No word yet on if they will make more.

You're probably thinking that it sounds utterly disgusting. But whatever you feel about the promotion, just make sure you don’t lick your fingers after applying the sunscreen—it’s not edible.

The 30-SPF sunscreen is part of their current summer campaign. You may have noticed commercials featuring Colonel Sanders on television lately. The ad is pretty funny and even offers an important warning: “It’s real, and also, do not eat it.”

Check it out in the above video!