Kyle Park has been burning up the highways promoting his latest album 'The Blue Roof Sessions' and I am looking forward to his stop in San Angelo at Midnight Rodeo this Friday night!

The first single from his new album 'What Goes Around Comes Around' was a huge hit for him.

His current single has been another great success for him. It's called 'Come On'.

Kyle always gives his audience a great show in all aspects...from the talent on stage, to all of the lighting and special effects. It's a party!!

You can count on lots of energy on stage and a great balance of all of those songs you already know and some new songs sprinkled in as well.

It will be a very fun night this Friday at Midnight Rodeo and you can bet there will be a large crowd for Kyle.

Listen for your cue to call in and get on the Kickin' Country guest list starting on Wednesday.

To get you pumped for the show, check out his huge hit 'Turn That Crown Upside Down' in the above video.

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