Every week Chuck Baker and Chris Austin are going to give you a rundown of all the great live music shows you can catch in San Angelo.

This week you'll find:

  • The Tone Pirates -- Jan. 29th @ The Cactus Hotel
  •  Ross Cooper  -- Jan. 30th @ Blaine's Pub
  • Dalton Domino -- Jan. 31st @ Blaine's Pub
  • Devils Hollow -- Jan. 30th @ House of FiFi Dubois
  • Luke Wade -- Jan. 31st @ House of FiFi Dubois
  • Chris Boss -- Jan. 30th @ Shenanigans
  • Case Hardin -- Jan 31st @ VFW
  • Jason Boland & The Stragglers @ Midnight Rodeo
Keep and eye out for the next video because Chris & Chuck swap stories about drinking with Jason Boland!