The Statesboro Review is one incredibly talented band in so many respects including writing, arrangements, musicianship, plus fantastic vocals and they are coming back to San Angelo.

Tony and FiFi have brought them in several times to play at the House of FiFi DuBois and they will be there this Friday night, Sept. 18th.

What a great show. I have enjoyed hearing them live a couple of times and have been very impressed with their sound. Stewart Mann has a golden voice and the band has a lot of diversity with a blend of country, blues, rock, and a lot of heart and soul. I certainly recommend that you check them out.

We play a lot of their music on Kickin' Country 103.1 including their newest song which has been doing very well for them called 'Undone' from their Jukehouse Revival Album.

With the Statesboro Revue coming to play FiFi's this Friday I decided to make 'Undone' the 'Kickin' Song of the Week' to get you ready for the show.

Give it a listen in the above video!

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