Before I start, i just want to throw out there that I love Goldfish crackers (I'd love it if you brought some by our studios), and I love salt & vinegar potato chips, and I love Twizzlers, and, well, I love to eat. If I kept listing, we'd be here forever.

However, this group of Korean girls trying snacks we Americans take for granted at times. I mean, everyone has eat a pop-tart at some point in their life, right? Even though some of the reviews aren't the best ranging from 'this tastes artificial' to 'why are you punishing me' to  'what exactly is this', they keep running into the same problem I have... I just KEEP eating.

Overall, they handle their experience well, especially the WarHead part!Check out Americans attempting Korean food in the video below, some of their comments are priceless.

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