Get ready for a big party tonight as Kyle Park takes the stage at Midnight Rodeo. I interviewed Kyle this morning on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' and we talked about the show and more...

His Latest album 'The Blue Roof Sessions' has been another success story for Kyle.

The first single from it was 'What Goes Around Comes Around' which was a chart topper for him. He then followed that up with another big single 'Come On'.

Kyle says another single will be forthcoming from the album soon.

This is his 5th full length album, all of which have been successful for him.

Kyle is constantly touring all over the country with a great band and impressive stage effects and lighting.

Look for a lot of energy tonight for sure.

Check out our interview from this morning in the above video and I will be looking for you tonight at Midnight Rodeo as we broadcast live on Kickin' Country 103.1.

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