I know you will be ready for a mid-week break! Me too, so meet me downtown at Fat Boss's Pub for another 'Wild Women Wednesday'.

Fat Boss's is such a fun place to party! The atmosphere is great, the people who go there are fun, they play a great mix of music, and you absolutely can not beat their drink prices.

Kickin' Country 103.1 will be broadcasting live starting at 6 pm. That's about the same time we start serving the free food. By 6:30 we are giving a lot of money away playing table games. Then a little later we are giving away even more cash calling out numbers with door prize drawings. Only the ladies can win the money because it's 'Wild Women Wednesday'.

We have plenty of drink specials, many for just $1.00 like Margaritas and Well drinks, plus domestic pints are just $1.50.

It's a good time every week and we want you and your friends to join us for 'Wild Women Wednesday' at Fat Boss's Pub, Downtown at 114 South Chadbourne.


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