A while back, I did a blog about Ford bringing the Ranger back. Well, get ready as it looks like the Ford Bronco could be making its return as well!...

Both of these vehicles were strong sellers for Ford and very popular among their owners.

The chairman of the union at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan assembly plant says that the new Ford Ranger will be built there and most likely the Bronco as well!

There are rumors flying everywhere right now… is it going to be smaller like the dreaded Bronco II? Will it be the 90’s OJ style? 70’s/80’s style? What? The above is a Ford Bronco Concept picture, but who knows!

One thing is certainly. It would need to be rugged and tough like it's predecessor. That's one of the things customers loved about them.

Ford hasn't been saying a lot...yet, but there is a lot of speculation out there. We'll keep you posted!

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