A Lubbock couple was shocked to learn they have been paying someone else's utility bill for two months after being provided the wrong account number by LP&L.

They're now skeptical as to whether or not their delinquent $340 bill will be taken care of and are simply crossing their fingers until it's dealt with.

In March, customers all over the city were perplexed and frustrated at their inability to pay their bill because the company decided to switch up everyone's account numbers at the last minute without much notice. My boyfriend came home frustrated that our bill would be late because they wouldn't accept our account number for payment. Meanwhile, we had a new account number we didn't even know about. WTF?

The couple this happened to wishes to remain anonymous but allowed a screenshot of their Facebook post.


"They emailed us the wrong account number at the switch. So we are in another person's account. We show delinquent. But so does the guy's account we have even though we both have been paying on it," the couple told us.

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Wow! So they were paying David's bill AND David was paying his bill, yet both accounts are still considered delinquent. Priceless. This is a classic LP&L mystery. So riveting and time-consuming to truly unfold. Detectives should use cases such as these to train new recruits.

Lubbock residents are notoriously furious with LP&L. It's a place where customer service has never reigned supreme, and higher-than-expected bills seem quite commonplace. One customer back in 2018 even received an erroneous bill for nearly $39,000 after they had moved away from Lubbock.

I've lived all over the United States and I've never seen more errors, or heard more electric bill horror stories, anywhere else.

What's the deal? Why does Lubbock's biggest power company seem to make constant errors, most of which require grueling phone calls to customer service to defend yourself with a skeptical telephone agent who never seems to want to admit to company wrongdoing?

No company is perfect and mistakes happen, but how much do the people of Lubbock have to put up with before an all-out mutiny?

I'm willing to bet that almost every local person that reads this has had trouble with LP&L in one form or another. Most of us flat-out don't trust them anymore. What could they even do to regain our trust at this point?

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