Lubbock's recent winter snowstorm did more than cause school delays and force people to learn how to walk on ice. It also created some amazing scenery, such as these freezing fog pictures.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) put some pictures of the winter phenomenon known as freezing fog on its Facebook page Sunday.

Freezing fog isn't that common in west Texas. So what exactly is it? The Weather Channel explains.

First, you need air temperatures of less than 32 degrees. Then, a lake or pond for heat and moisture to condense that cold air into a cloud. What causes fog to freeze is water in the air being able to stay liquid at below the freezing mark -- until it hits something, that is. If it's foggy and below freezing, that fog will freeze on contact.

Did you see any freezing fog? Share your photos in the comment section below.

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