There's nothing like the satisfaction of finding a parking spot.

A true visionary who thinks outside the box (or, more appropriately, thinks outside the parking space) found a clever way to park his car under a set of stairs near his home with this moving parking garage that tucks in the alcove like a sardine in a can.

We'd say this idea will catch on, but there seem to be a couple of factors going against it. One, the video is from 2013 and hasn't really caught on until now and, two, you need perfect geometry to make this work. The stars aligned perfectly for this spot, but the odds are you don't have a car that will fit so easily into an area under a set of stairs right outside your apartment.

This may be a one-of-a-kind situation that this driver worked to his advantage. And he certainly deserves a lot of credit for that. Short of folding his car up like a map, this is probably the most ingenious idea he can come up with.

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