McDonald’s has a monopoly on french fries at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Since the fast food giant is a major sponsor of the Olympic Games, the corporate head honchos exercised their power and banned other restaurants and food merchants from selling fries during the events.

Spectators in the mood for some spuds will need to make their way to Mickey D’s in order to enjoy some salty, potato goodness.

According to Business Insider, a memo from the organizing committee leaked, detailing the fries veto. It states that this decision is handed down by McDonald’s, not the catering staffs. There are 800 restaurants sprinkled across the 40 venues that will host the Games and these eateries are permitted to sell fries only if they are served alongside fish and sold as the popular British staple “Fish & Chips.”

There will be no chips unless accompanied by fish and spoke to a server, who commented on the fries selling moratorium, saying, “Because McDonald’s owns the rights, so we’re not allowed to.’”

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