That's right folks, Micky and the Motorcars are back in town tonight only.  Here are some reasons why you should go to the show and not stay home like an L7 weenie!


Well kids, Micky and the Motorcars are playing tonight at Rockin' Rodeo here in San Angelo and you should not miss this show.  MMC has been rocking the Texas/Red Dirt music scene for years upon years and is also one of my favorites.  Actually, I spent my 21st birthday at Rockin' Rodeo in Denton and chatted with Micky before the show, that may have been before the festivities got a little out of hand as well!  Maybe that's why I like them so much.

MMC puts on an energetic show that will leave you asking for more.  They've got hits spanning back quite a few years and many more great tunes to come.  The newest album 'Raise The Glass' has their current single 'How Far I'll Go' and many other hits.  If you've never caught a MMC show you should quit being so lame and come on out tonight!  Besides, Rockin' Rodeo has $1.25 drinks.  Just don't drink and drive friends.


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