California-based band Moonsville Collective are premiering their new song "Hundred in the Sun" with The Boot. Readers can press play below to hear the tune.

"Hundred in the Sun," explains vocalist / banjo player / guitarist Ryan Welch, was inspired by the people that Moonsville Collective have met and played for out on the road. Its verses are "brief, poetic accounts of those interactions -- some practical and some fantastical," while the song's chorus finds the band surveying the audience, "identifying the characters and watching everyone purchase another round of drinks." In short, Welch says, "it's a barroom commentary."

"Getting to connect and chat with the loners, the lovers, the Zen masters and the neurotic is a very important part of my life and songwriting," Welch adds.

A five-member band, Moonsville Collective formed in 2011. The group features co-founders Corey Adams (vocals / banjo / guitar) and Welch, as well as Seth Richardson (upright bass), Matthew McQueen (mandolin) and Dan Richardson (slide / dobro resonator). The band has previously recorded two studio albums and toured across the country; in 2017, however, they've committed to recording and releasing four EPs -- a total of 20 songs.

"Hundred in the Sun" comes from Moonsville Collective's second 2017 EP, Moonsville II, due out on April 21. It follows their first of the four EPs, Moonsville I, and, according to Adams, features sparser instrumentation, allowing the band "to see what we could do with less options."

Readers can visit to learn more about the band and keep up with them as they create their four EPs.

Listen to Moonsville Collective, "Hundred in the Sun":

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