Twerking may be the dance craze of the moment, but one parent is going to great lengths to stop it.

Frances Hena, of Bakersfield, California, was so irate that her 11-year-old daughter decided to twerk at a school dance that she made the girl stand on a street corner with a sign apologizing for her behavior.

Hena had told her daughter, Jamie, not to twerk, but found out through a friend that she had gone ahead and done it, anyway. Hena decided to dish out some unusual punishment, hauling Jamie to a street corner with a sign informing anyone and everyone who drove by what she did. The sign read:

I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance."

Hena is outraged the school allowed Jamie to twerk and even says the school has yet to speak to her about the incident. She also says she plans to be more involved with her daughter's schooling, which couldn't possibly cause more embarrassment for her little girl, right?

What do you think? Is this an appropriate punishment for something literally every young person seems to be doing these days?

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