Everyone and their dogs make New Years resolutions. I've decided that this year I'm just going to throw out my spin off on this old tradition.









Here is my list of my what I might achieve for my New Years "goals" :

1. Graduate! I know that every college student says this, but since I have not stopped attending school since I was five years old. I'm gonna say its time for me to hang up my backpack and I guess become a

2. I'm going to figure out what the Hokey Pokey really is all about. This longtime mystery has left me and the rest of the world confused and frustrated, and it's about time to answer this question!

3. I'm going to keep enjoying bad-for-you food. I feel as if you aren't happy with your weight, then do something about it, and good for you if you do make a change! However, in my situation I'm perfectly happy with my weight. Bring on the fast food and desserts, I'm going to continue to make my doctor and my mother unhappy with my poor eating decisions.

4. Find Big Foot! Just kidding. But I really would like to send a letter to the people working at Animal Planet that thought it was a great idea to create the show "Finding Big Foot." I never have laughed so hard when I heard the term "it looks squatchy out there!"

5. A serious one now, I want to interview as many of the artists that we play on Kickin' Country 103.1 that I can. It sounds cheesy, but I definitely have been a huge fan of this scene since I was a young-in and the scene has only gotten bigger and better and I'm so glad to be a part of it!

6. I would like to successfully cook a meal from scratch without burning it! If you don't know much about me, I can honestly admit that I burn cereal. I literally can burn the milk and cereal, that is why I'm the world's WORST cook and this year will hopefully be the year that I learn some cooking skills, fingers crossed. My apologies in advance to my testers that get to enjoy my home cooked meal.

7. I need to stop running out of gas! It seriously is becoming ridiculous. Tommy Boy and Ben Ryan give me enough heck over it and it's about time that I learn to put gas in my little Baby Jetta, running out of gas about 8 times in the past five months is a little ridiculous if I do say so myself.

Those are just a few of my New Years "goals" that I have in mind for 2013! I hope that I can achieve at least a couple of these. But hey, if it doesn't happen this year, there is always 2014!





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