I am getting older and with that comes more of my friends getting married and more bachelor parties.  Before I embark on that adventure I have a few things to see in San Angelo


I've got a busy weekend and intend on utilizing all my time.  First off, we have great live music in the Concho Valley tonight.  I'll be doing a live broadcast at Midnight Rodeo for Bleu Edmondson's concert.  Opening up for Bleu is Buckshot Bradley/Judson Cole Band, two bands that have seemed to join forces and rock the stage with a wide variety of originals and covers alike.  At Stillwater Bar & Grill it's Whiskey Skyline and the Cody Riley Band.  Whiskey Skyline are some of our own from right here in San Angelo and of course you know Cody Riley is a 'Small Town Rockstar'.  Of course we can't leave out Blaine's PubKimberly Dunn is opening up for Dolly Shine.  Kimberly Dunn is that lovely voice you hear on that Johnny Cooper tune 'Moving On' and she's got way more than that.  You have heard me talk and blog many times about Dolly Shine, do I need to tell you again how awesome they are?  Naw, I didn't think so because you already know so swing by the show and enjoy.  Be sure to check at one if not all of these shows tonight.

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed to head to my friend's lake house for his bachelor party.  I'm not sure what else I can say about that other than, yeeeaaaa booooiiiii.  I'll be seeing some friend I haven't talked to since high school so this should be a fun trip.  Sunday morning hopefully I'll wake up in time to make it home to good ole Angelo.  I'll probably need to swing by the office and work on some production anyways so I better get it in gear on Sunday.  Have a great weekend and stay classy San Angelo.

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