Nate Currin is exclusively debuting the music video for his newest single, "Midnight Train," on The Boot.

The "Midnight Train" video was shot in southern California, in and around Joshua Tree, and in the swampy areas of central Florida, just south of Gainsville. Because of that diverse topography, the clip is gorgeous, vast and gritty.

""Midnight Train" hearkens back to the days where Southern rock, gritty country and rock 'n' roll all came together in a seamless blend of beauty and organic decay," Currin tells The Boot. "The story is of a memory the writer has of a girl from the past, a true Southern beauty who breaks his heart as he leaves the South behind, trading love for the road but nonetheless haunted by the memory of the ‘one who got away.'"

In the video, Currin makes his way west. His co-star is a woman with, as the song suggests, "hair like a raven and voice like rain." The clip's imagery accompanies Currin's dynamic blend of Southern rock and swampy blues, as well as his rich storytelling, in the best possible way. Both the music video and the song bring each other to higher levels.

"Midnight Train" is from Currin's upcoming record, The Madman and the Poet, which is set for release on April 15. The artist describes the project as "a concept album, a two-sided feature that shows the dichotomy between the beautiful things in life and the dark and introspective times that leave us shrouded in questions."

"The first half of the album, The Madman, is a darker and more gritty collection of songs, both stylistically and thematically, with more of a bluesy rock 'n' roll feel," Currin adds, "while the second half, The Poet, is a lighter and oftentimes happier song collection that is more acoustic musically.”

The singer will head out on the road this spring in support of his new project. For more information on tour dates and news, visit, and be sure to follow Currin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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