This day is a dedication to the men and women of our law enforcement who serve our community with a whole heart!So on today's national holiday calendar its 'National Prayer Day' for law enforcement. I think that as a community we should support each and every one of the members of our law enforcement teams and their families.

Many of us know at least one law enforcement agent. These are the individuals that put their lives on the line each and every time that a 911 call is placed for help. They serve their communities with a helping hand and put their personal safety on the line so that a community can continue to function.


Personally, I am friends with many of the local law enforcement agents here in the Concho Valley. These are the men and women that we see working long nights at events or working holidays away from their families so that we can live in a safe and secure community. Each one of these individuals deserve more than the wages they make and deserve more than what I could ever express in words. I think that its only appropriate for each of us to stop and recognize and thank them in our own way today.

"Dear God,

Today I pray for the blessings on each and every one of our law enforcement agents in the Concho Valley, I pray that you bless each of them with safety, with courage, and the ability to carry out their duties and return home safely to their families. I also pray that you give the families of these fine officers the strength to be supportive of them in such a honorable position. I pray for the families and friends of those law enforcement agents that have given the ultimate sacrifice while in the line of duty. I pray that you give them the strength to understand and the will power to move forward knowing that their loved ones may be gone but are not forgot. Its in your name I pray these things. Amen"

If you wish, leave a comment with your prayers and thanks to all the fine folks who serve in our law enforcement nationwide.

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