How many miles have you been and where did you go?

OK, so May 12th is National Odometer Day, and I thought that it would be kinda cool to share the short life of my truck with yall!

As you can see from the photo above my truck is only a few miles into the journey of life (so I hope), but never the less she has see a lot of exciting and boring road trips already. Some of my favorite memories come from ridding in my truck on a road trip with old friends down those old back roads reliving the memories crated just a few years back. In just the few 23,563 miles that I have accrued in just two and a half years my truck has see the life of the ever so devastating "Wildcat Fire" as we transported the goods that you folks brought to us for the fire fighters. It has lived the concert series life with me often times being the conference room to many conversations between artist like Brandon Rhyder, Kyle Park, Jason Boland, Aaron Watson, Kyle Bennett, Jb and the Moonshine Band and my self about the Texas Music Scene and other random thoughts. My truck has also lived the life of the road trip to Stephenville for the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival. With so many memories its hard to pick one especially knowing that hopefully more are going to be made in the next miles to come!

Send a picture of your odometer and a story about what your favorite memories are to  and we will read some of them back on Monday morning!