The unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone is set for September 7th and it could go on sale by September 16th. A lot is known about the new phone, but some things remain a mystery.

Thanks to countless leaks and reports, we know that Apple’s next-generation iPhones will look a whole lot like its current-generation iPhones, but with a few design tweaks. We know the phones will sport a beefed up processor and improved cameras and also that they won’t have standard headphone jacks on the bottom.

Despite everything we know about Apple’s upcoming new iPhones, there is one mystery that remains.

There’s an iOS 10 update coming on September 30th and at least one new feature was revealed. It still hasn’t been confirmed that the new iPhone models will actually be called “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus.” Everyone refers to the unreleased phones by those names, but it’s all based on the assumption that Apple will stay true to form.

Apple is reportedly prepping a completely redesigned iPhone for 2017 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone. As a result, this year’s new iPhones appear to be something of a stopgap in terms of design. As a result, Apple could choose to break from its standard naming convention since the upcoming new iPhones seem to be a second consecutive “S” upgrade.

There are still some unanswered questions about the new iPhones yet to be revealed so we shall see and very soon!